PA Connections

Tips & Tricks for New PAs

Jan 18, 2021

In this episode, Bridget Winterhalter, PA-C joins Professor Brandon Beattie, PA-C to discuss some tips & tricks for new PA graduates on topics such as: job hunting, the importance of finding a good Supervising Physician, navigating from student to practicing PA as well as the most important things you learn on the job that aren't necessarily taught in PA school.

Ms. Winterhalter is a Physician Assistant specializing in Plastic Surgery in the Los Angeles, California area. She received her Bachelor Degree from George Washington University and earned a dual PA/MPH degree from Yale University.

Suicide Prevention - Advocating for Others

Nov 30, 2020

In this podcast, Eric Tezlaff discusses his research in provider burnout and how he got involved in research as a busy PA in clinical practice. Mr. Tetzlaff is a physician assistant in the Department of Medical Oncology at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His research interests are examining the APP workforce and provider burnout.

Nov 16, 2020

In this podcast, we are joined by Ali Walker to discuss the important issue of suicide prevention. Professor Walker is an alumni from the GWU PA program and currently serves as an adjunct instructor within the Department of Physician Assistant Studies. Since 2017, she has served on the board of the DC chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and is an educator and advocate for suicide prevention.

Substance Use Disorder as a Public Health Issue - PAs as Part of the Solution

 Nov 2, 2020

Dr. Lisa Alexander joins PA Connections to discuss the opioid epidemic and what PAs can do within their own communities and practices. Dr. Alexander recently retired from GW after being on the faculty for nearly 40 years and holding multiple different leadership positions within the department and PA program. In addition to her academic preparation in PA studies and education, she has a masters of public health. She has served in various leadership positions in the PA profession including as the president of the PAEA in 2018. During that time she was very involved in PA education around opioid use.

Telepsychiatry In the Time of COVID

Oct 12, 2020

PA Glen Combs joins PA Connections to discuss his work in telepsychiatry.  Mr. Combs is one of the PA professions early leaders and educators having served in numerous positions during his distinguished career spanning nearly 50 years.  During the last decade he has practiced in the field of psychiatry and with the COVID pandemic, now provides psychiatric care to patients through telemedicine. He discusses the transition to telepsychiatry and opportunities to enhance patient care and professional satisfaction through virtual care.

On Becoming a Healer

Sep 28, 2020

Dr. Saul Weiner joins PA Connections to discuss his latest book “ On Becoming a Healer: The Journey from Patient Care to Caring About Your Patients”, published by Johns Hopkins University Press (April 2020). Dr. Weiner is a primary care physician and scholar from the University of Illinois, Chicago. He discusses his career as a physician and the impact of mentorship and the lessons learned in his own life and career that has guided how he has learned to provide compassionate care of his patients.

Burnout Among PAs in Clinical Practice

Sep 14, 2020

Eric D. Tetzlaff is a physician assistant in the Department of Medical Oncology at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He also serves the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) as the chairperson of the task force on PA burnout and is a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology Clinician Well Being task force. He discusses his research on burnout in the PA profession and opportunities to address this important professional issue for clinicians.

Helping Patients and Families Cope with Injury and Loss

Aug 31, 2020

Our guests for this podcast are Dr. Holly Jonely and Professor Rebecca Inzana. They discuss the role of interprofessional teams in the care of patients and families who have experienced injury and loss and how clinicians can help them cope with these challenges.

Listening for What Matters

Aug 17, 2020

Drs. Saul Weiner and Alan Schwatz discuss their book "Listening for What Matters". In this book, they discuss years of research on how clinicians often miss contextual clues that are essential to providing quality patient care and helping patients achieve good outcomes.


Aug 14, 2020

This program is sponsored by the Department of Physician Assistant Studies in the School of Medicine and Health Sciences at the George Washington University in Washington DC. During this podcast series we will be joined by guests from various fields and disciplines to explore innovative topics relevant to professional practice.