Congratulations to Lindsay Pattison on acceptance at Quinnipiac Medical School

Lindsay Pattison in front of building

Congratulations to Lindsay Pattison, a graduate of Cohort 3, who stopped by to give us an update. She has had SIX medical school interviews already this year, and just received her first acceptance at Quinnipiac Medical School! When asked about how to be successful in a Post-Bac Program, she had this to say:

"It's not easy! You definitely have to work to be successful. But I have found that my classmates at GW post-bac were all very passionate and dedicated. It was helpful to be in class with this caliber of student. I also think it's important to be grounded during your post-bac year by taking a break from studying. I was able to get plugged into research in Biomedical Sciences on Fridays."

We wish Lindsay all the best at Quinnipiac or whichever medical school she chooses!

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